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Enjoy Breastfeed - Breastfeeding Solution Centre Enjoy Breastfeed - Breastfeeding Solution Centre

Welcome, the purpose of Enjoy Breastfeed Center is to create awareness of breastfeeding and the importance of giving breast milk to baby among mothers who is expecting. Major research publications have proven that Human Breast Milk is very importance to the intelligence and health development of the infant. The vision of Enjoy Breastfeed Center is to assist nursing mother finding a suitable solution to enjoy and provide breast milk to her infant. A solution that suits the daily lifestyle of the nursing mother.

We Are A Solution Center.
We share breastfeeding information with you and assist you to solve your breast milk supply and baby nursing issues according to your conditions. A breastfeeding mother should realise that every woman is different, thus there is no one solution to solve all mothers breastfeeding difficulties. Knowing your own conditions help to identify a suitable solution for yourself.

Michelle Law, graduated from Sydney University. Michelle Law, the founder of Enjoy Breastfeed Centre, is an IBCLC with clinical practice experience in private hospital. She has vast experiences in helping mothers to succeed their breastfeeding journey, and capable to solve majority breastfeeding issues such as engorgement, mastitis, breasts abscess, chronical-low breastmilk supply, PCOS case (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), Hypoplasia breasts, suddent drop of breastmilk supply and etc. She herself had a very successful breastfeeding journey by providing full breast milk to her sons more than 3 years with the help of hospital grade breast pump and breastfeeding management plan.

Michelle Law emphasises on solving brastfeeding difficulties through applying physiology knowledge after proper diagnosis, is the key to success breastfeeding. Michelle vision of setting up Enjoy Breastfeed Center is to assist nursing mothers to feed their baby / babies with breast milk for minimally 6 months or longer, by applying the knowledge of physiology, anatomy, psychology and nutrition in an appropriate manner that suits the daily lifestyle of nursing mother; as we all know breast milk is the best to the health and the growth of babies.

Since Enjoy Breastfeed Center establishment, we have succesfully help lots of mothers to provide full breast milk to their babies more than 6 months, some even until 2 years. We gain insight into breast milk supply problems in the process of assisting mothers. These experiences and practical insight, allow us to have confidence in helping out more nursing mothers to overcome breast milk supply difficulties in future.
We, Enjoy Breastfeed, are more than happy to share all these pratical experiences and successful stories to interested nursing mothers. Below listed some of our success scenario.

Example Of Our Achievement:

  • Mother with serious inverted nipple get full freezer of breast milk in 45-60 days after gave birth to her baby.
  • Mother achieved giving full breast milk to her adopted baby after 7-14 days by using a proper Hospital Grade Breast Pump with nursing supplement
  • Mothers who had stopped providing breast milk for months able to get back breast milk supply in 7-14 days with our advice
  • Mother who only had 2oz of breast milk supply per day increased to 27oz of breast milk supply per day in 30-45 days.
  • Mother with Hypoplasia breasts condition succeeded to provide breast milk up to about 18oz per day after the mother follows Michelle advice closely.

You may find us on Facebook (Enjoy Breastfeed) for breastfeeding information sharing. You are welcome to email or message us if you face difficulties.

Counselling And Consultation Fee
Starting on 1 June 2017, we revise our counselling and consultation fee as below:
Fees below are subject to Malaysia 6% GST

    Breastfeeding Counselling By Breastfeeding Counselor: RM45 per session (45 minutes)
  • Check nipples sensitivity (main factors to nipples crack and sore)
  • Advice on breastmilk supply flow
  • Advice on suitable breast pumps
  • Advice on daily breastmilk feeding and expression
  • Advice on milk blister, sore nipples and crack nipples management
  • Basic breasts massage to improve breastmilk flow
    Lactation Consultation By IBCLC Consultant: RM180 per session (45 minutes, appointment needed)
  • Plugged duct, Engorgement, Mastitis and Breasts Abscess
  • Breastfeeding difficulties caused by hormones issues
  • Hypoplasia breasts
  • PCOS case (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Chronical-Low Breastmilk Supply
  • Breastfeeding Management Plan
  • Relactation
  • Nipples Infection
    Breast pumps testing only: RM15 (15 minutes)

The American Public Health Association (APHA) has long recognized that scientific evidence shows that human milk is the most appropriate food for almost all human infants... All major health authorities now recommend that infants receive no other food or drink besides breast milk for the first 6 months of life (“exclusive breastfeeding”), with continued breastfeeding for at least 1 to 2 years of life, with rare exceptions. (source from American Public Health Association)

Our selling products do help and create ease of nursing for mother who would like to breastfeed or giving breast milk to her baby either at home or at work, by listing variety of famous and/or reliable nursing products at Reasonable price. For example, before we carry a breast pump brand, we ensure it is up to our basic entry requirements that able to prolong breast milk supply for a nursing mother. Michelle Law had developed the basic-successful-requirement-test, and conducted on major breast pumps. The test allows Enjoy Breastfeed Center to gain a very good understanding of breast pumps regarding their functions,and pros and cons. Thus, Enjoy Breastfeed Center will not recommend any breast pump that does not pass the basic-successful-requirement test. For baby products, we emphasize on the natural and eco-friendly baby products that can save our environment and provide the BEST to our babies.

Our Showroom Location:

Enjoy Breastfeed address: 
2552A, Persiaran Raja Muda Musa,
41100 Klang, Selangor.
It is about 15 minutes walking distance from Teluk Gadong KTM Station, or Pantai Hospital Klang
You may use Google Map or Waze to reach us, just search "Enjoy Breastfeed Center".

Enjoy Breastfeed Showroom opening hour:
Monday-Friday: 10am - 6pm (Counselling 10am - 5pm, Consultation 2pm - 5pm)
Saturday: 10am - 4:30pm (Counselling and Consultation 10am - 4pm)
Sunday: Off Day (Close)
Non-Sunday Public Holiday: 10am - 2pm
**We will announce in our facebook if we are close for public holiday **

Basic breast pump suitabilty testing, breastfeeding information sharing and basic troubleshooting can be handled by our center staffs who have been trained by Michelle.

For Enquiry
You may email us at (
Or Contact @ 03-33713992 Or Facebook @

Map To Enjoy Breastfeed(Click Here)

Google Map To Enjoy Breastfeed(Click Here)

Thank you very much and we hope to see you and serve you in near future.


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