Vegetable Baby Nursing Bottle Brushes @ RM31.26
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Vegetable Baby Nursing Bottle Brushes

[member price : RM31.26]


features of the product

  • vegetable baby feeding bottle brush is made from PBT nylon brush+silver
    Nano particles (in condiyion of 1 m divided by one thousand million)
  • Ag+comes out from PBT nylon so it help to preven breeding of bacterial.
  • Smooth PBT nylon brush has excellent cleaning effect to even shoulder of
    bottle and bottom of bottle where is the most difficult part to clean up.
  • PBT brush is very elastic and smooyh so can minimize the scratch of the
    surface of the feeding bottle .
  • Nano silver brush has antibacterial function and deodorization function itself.
  • Easier to dry after use rather than sponge type.
  • Easy to store or hanging due to hole on the top of the brush.
  • Non slip handle applied.

Wash the brush with clean water and dry it in shade after use.
Keed away from the children and not to use in Microwave, sterilizer or boiling water.

What is Hinokitiol?
Hinokitiol is the essentila oil contained in Hinoki tree (Japanes cypress) with powerful anti-fungal,
anti-biotic effect as well as deodorizing and insect-resisting effect.
One can feel a mild smell of forest in the woods where there is Hinoki tree.
This is by phytoncide. Phytoncide is an natural anti-biotic material that trees diffuse to protect
themselves from various kinds of harmful bacteria.
It is known that phytoncide has anti-biotic function as well
as the good effects of activating human body, stabilizing the mind, and relieving metal fatigue.

What is the premium Rice Enzyme?
Rice enzyme is the natural enzyme obtained by fermenting the rice cultivated in clean areas with EM and
it has the function of cleaning and purification.
(*EM denotes effective microorganisms which refer to the group of useful microorganisms
that have been utilized since long including yeast,
lactic acid bacteria.)

  • Care of allergy due to bacteria on the feeding bottle and toys!
  • Remove the bad smell from the baby bedding and baby carriage!
  • Perfect cleaning is a must, Skin protection is basic, and anti-biotic function is extra!
  • Powerful phytoncide that mites hate!
  • No preservative, No coloring-agent, No artificial flavor.

  1. Excellent anti-biotic function

  2. It perfectly removes the bacteria contaminating various infant goods.
  3. Excellent anti-fungal and deodorizing effect

  4. It suppresses fungus and removes bad smell on baby carriage or carrier.
  5. Protection of skin

  6. Rice enzyme relieves skin trouble.
  7. Containing the best phytoncide

  8. Hinokitiol enhances the anti-biotic function and deodorizing effect.
  9. It is harmless to the skin and the body so that it can be used to your dear

  10. The phytoncide ingredients gives psychological stability and metal fatigue


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