Vegetable Baby Riceenzyme Nursing Bottle Cleaner (500ml) @ RM26.51
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Vegetable Baby Riceenzyme Nursing Bottle Cleaner (500ml)

[member price : RM26.51]

Vegetable Baby Riceenzyme Nursing Bottle Cleaner (500ml)

Product Description

  • Don't be worried about the detergent, it's from rice! Keep your kid's skin health!
  • Cleaning effect is necessary, Skin protection is basic, and anti-biotic function is extra!
  • No preservative, No coloring-agent, No artificial flavor.

Effect and Characteristics

  • Excellent anti-biotic function
    The excellent anti-biotic function of pine oil removes various kinds of bacteria and residues on the container.
  • Excellent protein decomposing effect
    The rice enzyme clearly removes the containers effectively decomposing saliva and food residue.
  • Environment-protecting effect
    The EM materials and natural surfactants are degraded in water, keeping the nature.
  • Use of natural surfactants
    Only 100% natural surfactants are used to be safe to the skin and minimize the damage by washing.
  • It is harmless to the skin and the body so that it can be used to your dear families.

Natural surfactant, Rice enzyme and Vegetable phytoncide

  • What is the premium rice enzyme?
    Rice enzyme is the natural enzyme obtained by fermenting the rice cultivated in clean areas with EM and it has the function of cleaning and purification. (*EM denotes effective microorganisms which refer to the group of useful microorganisms that have been utilized since long including yeast, lactic acid bacteria. These microorganisms are in symbiosis relationship, suppressing decompression through anti-oxidizing effect or producing ant-oxidizing substances and beneficial for the purification of the nature.)
  • What is pine oil?
    Pine oil is the material extracted from pine trees, and a high quality material known.

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